[SAM] NAPA Setup

This add-on enables the SAM system to connect to the NAPA Navigator system for online parts lookup and ordering. The information is then returned back into a SAM purchase order.


  Get your NAPA account details
  Create a NAPA Company in SAM
  NAPA ordering settings
       NAPA Login Details
       NAPA PROLink Configuration
       NAPA Orders tab


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Get your account details

Before you start the process make sure you know your NAPA log-in details along with the account number and suffix, the account number should be 7 digits, and the suffix 4 (normally 0001)

The account number and suffix can be found in the top left-hand side of the NAPA Prolink website:


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SAM NAPA company

Make sure you have a NAPA supplier set-up in SAM - use Keycode "NAPA"

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NAPA Ordering settings

Go to Maintenance (1) > System Setup (2) > General (3) > Helpdesk Contract (4), and tick NAPA Ordering 


You may get a warning if Ashdown online ordering is already selected

Select NAPA


Click on Yes to enable NAPA Ordering


After this you will need to click on the ellipses (box with three dots) beside NAPA Ordering:


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NAPA Login Details 


1. Site Code: Always use napagnz
2. User Name: Your NAPA user name
3. Password: Your NAPA password
4. Account No: Your NAPA account number
5. Account Suffix: You NAPA account Suffix 

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NAPA PROLink Configuration


1. Make sure the URL and Hook Page are entered:
    a: URL:
     b. Hook Page:

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1. FTP Directory: This will only have "Branches\" - enter your account number and suffix as above
2. Default supplier:  Enter the supplier created previously - this should be NAPA