[SAM] How to send a Bulk SMS

Here we will show you how to send a bulk SMS to your customers

There are two ways to send a bulk SMS to your customers, one depends on you already having SMS turned on in SAM, the other does not.

NB: You can still use the second method even if you have SMS turned on if you wish

  With SMS turned on
  Without SMS
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1. With SMS turned on

- This will use your package SMS messages 

- You need to be on or above version 6.016

Check what version you are on

Go to Help (1) > About (2) and check the Version (3)

This must be greater than or equal to 6.016

If you are not on this version - check for updates via the Help menu

Send the message

  1. Click on Utlities
  2. Send Bulk SMS
  3. Either type in the message or select from your SMS library using the box with three dots (Ellipses)
  4. Create a list
    1. Tag the customers you want to send a message to
    2. You can save the list for later use 
    3. You can also Send the message to the customers straight away 
  5. You are able to select an existing list as well
    When Send is selected a second list will come up from which you can remove/edit customers as well:
    1. Send Now or schedule for a specific time
    2. Send SMS

Click on THIS LINK if you want to turn on SMS

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2. Without SMS turned on in SAM or Orion

You will need to send us the following information:

1. Your email address
2. The message you want to send

There is a 160 character limit 

3. The date and time you want to send the message
4. A list of customers you want to send the message to
    a. This will need to have two columns: The Customer Keycode & their cell phone number
    b. Click on THIS LINK to see how to do this

Submit a form to send us this information:

Click on THIS LINK to submit a form to us with the above information