[SAM/Orion] Back up your data

This is the process of copying the data of your software, its an insurance policy just in case you become the subject of a virus or a simple human error, so you have a set of data that can restore your system back to set date and time.


  How to
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     Hosted sites

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How to backup

Everyone must be logged out of either SAM or Orion for this to work.

On the desk top of at least one computer there will be an icon:


This may have a different name, SAM Backup, Orion Backup, samback.exe or OrionBack.exe are the most common ones - but it should always look like this.

The SAM and Orion backup windows are identical except for the banner across the top:


All these fields are "sticky" and will remember the selection of the last successful backup  
1. Include: You can choose between All Data and Program Files or All Data Files
    Your daily back-ups only need to have Data
    Once a week include the program files
2. Backup To: Where are you going to save the backup to
3. Click on the folder to change the location
4. File Name: This should change automatically to either the day of the week or a date, contact us if it doesn't
5. This will test the zip file after creating it. 

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Automatic backups

There are third party applications that will automatically create a back-up of specific files and/or folders

Please make sure that any third party back-up service is completing a FULL back up.

An incremental back-up will not create an accurate restore point and are unusable.

Other applications like windows Task Scheduler will run an exe (such as samback.exe or orionback.exe) at specified times

The free ones we know all need to have the PC they were installed on to be turned on and haven't proven to be the most reliable

It is best to talk to your local IT support to set these up - we can guide them on what folders should be included, use this form to contact us


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When to backup

It is recommended that you back-up Daily.

And before every major change to the database like System month end rollovers and GL month end rollovers.

There is a reason why there is a check box asking: "Backup Done?" this is because it is important

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Hosted sites

Sites hosted by us do not need to have their database backed up manually daily as we do this for them.


They should still backup before every major change to the database like System month end rollovers and GL month end rollovers as we will NOT have a snapshot of their database immediately before these processes.

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Where to backup to

It is recommended that you back-up to an external memory device for each day of the week and remove them from the PC after completing the backup

There have been instances where the site has done a back-up daily and left the memory stick in the PC and then became the subject of ransom ware

!!!This affected the memory stick as well!!!  :-(

Take the external memory device off the premises - it's no good to you if it burns down with the building and PC.

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Hosted sites

Sites hosted with us should backup to our server - it takes too long to save across the internet to their local PC

If it is not already selected you may need to Explore to the Backups folder

  • Navigate through to the folders held within, there will be "Shared folder" and "backup" folder.

For SAM sites this will be: This PC > Data (S:) > SiteKeycode > SharedFolders >

For Orion sites this will be: This PC > Data (O:) > SiteKeycode > SharedFolders >

Contact us if you need help with this 

There is a limit on the amount of data you have with us - you will need to archive data from the Citrix environment periodically

There is a knowledge base article on how to do this as well: Archive from Citrix


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