[Synergy] Accounts Payable - Stock Invoices

Outlines the Process of Accounts Payable to Stock Invoices

Stock Invoices - you cannot enter a stock invoice once Accounts Receivable has been rolled onto the new month as the stock levels need to be kept ‘safe’. If you are selling stock through Accounts Receivable and AR and AP are in different months the stock will be affected, this is why we safe guard the stock.

  1. Order stock from your supplier and then create New Purchase Order in Stock control
  2. Select the Supplier and add in the products.
  3. When the stock arrives, select Receive Stock (ordered) and select the supplier’s order you are receiving.
  4. Check the stock off against your order
  5. Then select Receive (ensure you receive the stock in the same month as you order it)
  6. Once you have received the stock, the below screen will pop up. This is to finalise the stock into Synergy and create an Accounts Payable Invoice.
  7. You can enter in the Supplier Invoice No., Packing slip number and receive date. Ensure the tick box for Create Supplier Invoice is ticked. Then Finalise.
  8. Then go into Accounts Payable and there will be a Saved Invoice for that supplier. (you can Close this invoice when you receive the invoice, this maybe after Accounts
    Receivable has been rolled. If so, a warning will pop up, but you needn’t worry as you have already entered the stock through stock control )
  9. You can edit the Invoice No. etc if needed.
    • Add a freight line or other non-stock product.
    • Ensure the Total matches the Suppliers statement
    • Close Invoice


      • If you do not want to go through the process of creating a Purchase Order in Stock Control, you can go to Receive Stock (no order).
        • This is a shortcut way of creating the order and receiving it in one action
      • If you receive an electricity bill or non-stock invoice, this is added straight into Accounts Payable under the correct analysis code as normal and has no bearing on whether or not Payable is in the same month as Receivable
      • If you happen to receive a stock invoice that has not already been entered and Accounts Receivable has already been rolled into the new month; you can enter it in as a non-stock invoice, then adjust the stock manually in Stock Control. Or
        • Create a Future dated Accounts Payable invoice (being future dated will allow you to add stock) but remember to adjust the Payment Due date to match the Supplier’s Invoice.