[Synergy] Migrating Booking Diary to a New Computer

This article outlines the process of transferring Synergy Booking Diary to a new computer.

These steps are only applicable if you operate the Synergy Booking Diary program.

It is possible that the booking in diary has been setup differently.  Confirm that you have all the software and data.

It is recommended that you do a new ‘Workstation install’ of Synergy on the new computer which will put the correct program files in place, then you can manually create a desktop shortcut to the ‘Booking.exe’ program file from the newly installed copy of Synergy (by default this is installed into C:\Synergy).

  1. To ensure you collect the data files for booking diary from the old computer, open Booking diary on the old computer
  2. In the Booking Diary Menu - Click on ‘System Maintenance’
  3. Click ‘System Details’
  4. Check the ‘Data Path’ (see screenshot below) points to a location within the ‘SynergyData’ folder that you will be copying to the new computer when you follow the ‘Migrating Synergy to a New Computer’ guide.
  5. If the Data Path for booking diary is not somewhere within the ‘SynergyData’ directory ensure you also copy this data from the old computer to the new computer. Ideally it should reside within the ‘Synergydata\Company1\Syndata’ directory. This may be a good opportunity to move it to the ideal location, but please speak with a Synergy helpdesk consultant to ensure you do this correctly.